The question everyone investment-minded is asking themselves right now is: is this stock market recovery real, or has it possibly recovered way faster than it should have and is expensive and risky?

A very tricky question to be sure with so many variables at play.
We can say that after digesting and reflecting on an enormous amount of analyst updates, portfolio manager calls, data and charts – we are generally more positive on the overall outlook.

This newsletter will review the potential positive and negative factors. We will review some important topics in our Recession Watch.
We have two Coach’s Corner articles. One we were going to save till next quarter but felt it was too important to have sitting on the bench.
Inflation, because of Trillions in new money printing and the effects of low and negative interest rates are our focuses.

While these topics can be difficult to understand, they are very important, and this newsletter will provide the basics. We will explain in better detail during our next review.

Stay safe everyone. It has been a difficult few months and we are likely not out of the weeds yet. Keep your immune systems strong and your outlook positive!


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